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Antique french cast iron and oak work chairs

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Description: These two chairs we don’t know the origin off, their colom bases with mounting holes in them suggest they’ve been bolted down to the floor at some point. This leaves us to believe that the chairs eighter have been on an unstable surface like a ship or train, or that they were made not to be moved/taken like in a jail, church or train station. Then again the chairs have very little wear, so they haven’t been used on a regular bases. 

Even though the chairs look small, they do have average seat hight. The chairs are pretty stable because of the weight ( the bases and backrests are made out of solid cast iron). 

Materials: Cast iron and oak wood.

Technical details: Height of the seat: 45 cm – Height total: 75 cm – Width seat: 30 cm .

Condition: In very good condition considering their age.

Quantity: 2 piece available.