1940’s Kandem Bauhaus desk lights with glass base and bakelite shade

Description: These iconic Kandem desk lights with their glass bases and bakelite shades are produced in the 1940’s because the iron went into the war industry. Even though they are a lot harder to find then the metal ones, we have managed to get three of these beautiful lights.

One of the lights has a not original but working switch and 2 of the little bolts on the back of the shades are replaced.

Materials: Bakelite, steel and glass

Dimensions: Height:  cm – Diameter shade:  cm

Technical details: Equipped with a E27 socket with turn switched and 3-core black flex wire.

Condition: In beautiful working vintage condition. theres one very small chip on the edge of one of the bases, a small piece of glass has broken off where the screw for tightening the ball joint meats the glass and two shades have a crack (one hairline crack that is hard visible and one bigger crack on the shade with the painted base) All folds are photographed.

Quantity: Sold.