Antique set of 5 early bauhaus pendant lights by Bergmann


Description: Very early bauhaus pendants by Bergmann Electricitäts-Werke AG.

Bergmann is a not very well known producer of early german lighting because soon after the company was in business, Kandem and Siemens & Schuckert bought the majority of the shares.  It is highly likely Körting & Mathiesen AG was inspired by these lights for there model 540 pendants.

This rare set of 5 pendants originate from an old Dutch cinema in Drenthe, all lights have there original opaque protective glass.

Materials: metal, enamel and glass

Dimensions: Diameter:   cm – Height light:  cm 

Technical details: Equipped with original E27 sockets and black flex wire.

Condition: In minimalisticly restored vintage condition. 

Quantity: 5 piece available (price each).