Bauhaus conical Peter Behrens luzette pendant lights by Siemens & Schuckert

Description: Beautiful 1920’s German Bauhaus Pendant lights, constructed out of 2 individual pieces of glass held together by a  brass ring and gallery. Its 2 sets of 2 lights with either opaline tops and etched bottoms or the other way around.

These lights are designed by famous German architect and designer Peter Behrens who is best known for his architectural and product designs of AEG Berlin, designing and building his own house and for being the preceptor of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Charles-Edouard Jeanneret (le corbusier) and Walter Gropius. And thats just a small part of the Behrens’s incredible career.

The lights we offer are rare perfect examples of conical Luzettes and have been produced and marketed by Siemens & Schuckert in the early 1900’s. The lights on offer have the original galleries, rods and ceiling caps.

Materials: Steel, brass and glass

Dimensions: Diameter:  cm – Height (excl. rod incl. gallery):  cm 

Technical details: Equipped with original E27 socket.

Condition: In beautifull original condition. A couple small holes in 2 of the galleries and in one of the adjusting screws above the gallery of one light.

Quantity:  Sold.