Early 20th century American Goodrich white enamel stock lights


Description: Bright white enamel American quality stock lights by Goodrich.

All lights have their original Goodrich makers marks and patent stamps.

The shape of these lights obviously is what sets them apart from other enamel industrial lights. They look different and interesting from all corners, the reason behind this shape however is functional. The lights were designed specifically to light narrow passages in stock wear houses with on each side of a passageway high shelving units with for instance documents. The lights would have been hung in the centre of the passageway directing the light downwards and to the sides without blinding someone walking into or trough the passageway.

Materials: Brass, steel and enamel

Dimensions: Height:  cm –  Width:  cm –  Length:  cm

Technical details: Equipped with original ceramic E27 socket and 3-core electrical wire.

Condition: In beautiful vintage working condition. (one light has some scratches to the enamel and another a small chip as shown on the pictures)

Quantity: 3 pieces available (price each).